Smart Homes: Luxury or Necessity?


With the ever-emerging technological world, the one word that we are most acquainted with is ‘Smart’.  In today’s world, the word Smart is not only limited to a person being sharp-witted. The word is not a random adjective anymore rather it has lead up to becoming a standard for measure. Starting from smart planning to smart goals, smartphones to smart homes, people are constantly giving new definitions to the word smart.

Now, what exactly is a smart home? How many times have you gone to bed without turning the light off? And imagine how many times have you wished to have the privilege to be able to switch the light off by lying in that position? Quite a lot, right? This exactly is one of the bases behind the rise of the concept of Smart Homes! 

In today’s era of innovation, the concept of Smart Homes might sound overwhelming but not surprising. Thus, implementing integrated modern technologies at our home has opened the gate to a wide variety of innovations and benefits.


Benefits for mankind:

Just a tap away

People are now being able to control their home appliances with the help of different apps. Be it an oven or an air-conditioner, a door or a window, a light or a fan, one can control everything with just one tap on their smartphones. No matter where a person is, life certainly has come to the grip of one’s hand.


 Advanced security system

The small surveillance cameras that we see in front of many houses are the gateways to advanced shield protection for the inhabitants of that house. A person can connect the cameras via his/her phone and by sitting in his office he can check any unusual movement inside the house. Again, the smart lock system on the doors has pretty much made it impossible for thieves to get into the house unless the thief has mastered his way through hacking.



Say YES to Procrastination

Who isn’t tired after a whole long week of work? And then there comes the schedule of grocery shopping! To save us from forgetting the necessary things, we now have house robots like Alexa. There are event robots who will play with your kids like Cozmo. What’s worse than going for grocery shopping is cutting the grasses on the front yard and there are robotic lawnmowers for this task as well! 

So, smart homes are not just benefiting a person by doing his work but also are opening a huge field of opportunities for them to utilize these spare time. And if people just simply want to relax then today they even have the chance to procrastinate the time away!


Saving the future

Implementation of smart automation system helps to automatically detect if we mistakenly leave the house, keeping the lights on and takes necessary action to turn it off. In fact, smart lighting and thermostats lead to automatically adjusting or switching off a device when not in use which eventually will benefit us by saving a good amount of energy.

Optimal use of energy will not only make our house sustainable but also it will ensure a proper future for the next generations.


The above-mentioned benefits are more or less the common facts that come up while searching for Smart Homes in Google. While the Smart Home concept renders a luxurious approach in the greater world, the same technologies can be used as a necessity in different developing and underdeveloped countries. The usage of fire hazard detectors first came to light when people in different countries kept facing unexpected fire explosions. Considering the perspective of Bangladesh and her history on fire hazards, the implementation of smoke detectors in the hazardous areas is a must! While usage of thermostats can help save energy, similar weather detection sensors can be utilized in rural areas to avoid disruption!


So we can safely conclude that, be it LUXURY or NECESSITY, the benefits of a Smart Home cannot be denied in this age of modernization!