Writing Contest: 50 Years of Moon Landing


The world has come a long way since the first time people landed on the moon. Fifty years of constant innovations have led us to extensive wonders, left people in awe multiple times and inspired genius minds to work harder every day.

Are you one of these people who is just willing to share his/her thoughts on everything that is going around the world? If you are, IoT for Bangladesh is here to give you the perfect platform!

To mark and celebrate the 50 years of moon landing (20 July 1969- 20 July 2019); "IoT for Bangladesh" is pleased to announce a writing contest.

Details are given below:

Topic:  Strengthening IoT through Space Based Communication

Hints:  History was written on 20 July 1969 with the first ever landing of human on moon. Since then, remarkable journey in space exploration has been flourishing with amazing outcomes, and in parallel the world kept progressing to reach the current era of extensive global connectivity of both humans and things. Bangladesh has also solidly joined the expedition by successful launch and operation of its own satellites. Space based communications are expected to continue its critical role for holistic adoption of IoT (internet-of-things) around the globe.

  • Word limit: Maximum 1000 words
  • For the participants, exploration and referencing from all available sources are encouraged, while analytical and creative writing will be the judging factors
  • Best write-ups will be published and circulated through "IoT for Bangladesh" website and social media pages. Corresponding authors will also avail an opportunity to interact with top Bangladeshi researchers in space industry.
  • To submit, please e-mail your write-up to "contest@iotforbd.com." with the subject being "Contest Article Submission".
  • Inside the write-up, make sure to include your details such as: Name, Affiliation, Current Location.

For any information, you can send a message at our FB page or send a mail at info@iotforbd.com.