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The aim of this newsletter is to explore the capabilities and potential of ‘IoT’ technology in Bangladesh. Globally the number of connected devices in IoT platform is rising exponentially and its predicted that there will be more than 30 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. We would like to be an integral part on following up the highlights of this overwhelming ‘IoT’ journey in Bangladesh. The newsletter will report the past, current and future trend of IoT in Bangladesh focusing several areas. The newsletter would provide a platform where likeminded ‘IoT’ people can connect and grow together for a bright and exciting ‘IoT’ driven future for Bangladesh.

A Glimpse

It is my pleasure to present you our second edition of IoT for Bangladesh Newsletter. After a successful launch of the first edition, we bring together a number of prominent write-ups, interviews and updates on IoT development across the country. A collective initiative from academia, industry and government has created a positive wave of IoT advancement in Bangladesh. IoT for Bangladesh is well positioned to capture and propagate IoT updates to its readers.

IoT for Bangladesh has partnered with a number of organizations to work relentlessly on IoT technology awareness workshop organization, training and capacity building. There is exceptional interest from all sectors of the community. It is overwhelming to see students from schools, colleges and universities are participating in IoT boot camps and events. They learn the technology, its application and necessity in modern life.  This is a major step towards building a ‘tech-aware’ generation for future digital Bangladesh.   

IoT for Bangladesh has accomplished a number of milestones since the first edition. It has officially launched its training division IoT Academy Bangladesh (www.iotacademybd.com). The aim is to produce industry-relevant skilled manpower on IoT and related technologies. Also, it aims to promote awareness programs on IoT, M2M, automation and industry 4.0. A pilot training was conducted at the Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT), BUET on IoT and embedded electronics.  A number of exciting developments are in pipeline and please stay in touch!


Emran Md Amin

Founder and Managing Director

IoT: What lies ahead?

The year 2018 has been a marvelous year for ICT industry in Bangladesh, marked with so many unique milestones like: the launching of 4G mobile broadband services, launching of Bangabandhu-1 Satellite, the start of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) etc. Apart from these historic landmarks, there have been continuous and significant achievements in different aspects of Bangladesh ICT industry, describing which may a need a newsletter itself!

As we gradually step into the year 2019, it can be preferable to have a look back at where we are and where we are heading towards in this arena. The basic question that may arise again is- how much ICT is strengthening our journey to become a developed nation? Let us consider two recent news. According to the latest report by UNDP, Bangladesh has moved up three spots and ranked 139th in Human Development Index (HDI) 2015 due to the remarkable progress it had made in many socio-economic areas, including life expectancy and per capita income. On the other hand, Bangladesh has been ranked as the least innovative country in Asia according to the Global Innovation Index 2018 report.

These two contradictory outcomes indicate the actual phenomenon here. Right since independence, Bangladesh has been making tremendous progress in socio-economic development despite intense hurdles. In ICT arena, there has been a huge leap during last one decade. However, the scale of actual innovation may have not been at peak level, as indicated by this Global Innovation Index Report.

Here is where IoT can play a crucial role. It can facilitate innovation across the developer ecosystem, along with significant benefits for the user community. This year has been a promising year for IoT arena as well. In April Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)issued a directive regarding IoT device importation, which is, in fact, the first ever specific policy document in Bangladesh regarding IoT. Launching and country-wide deployment of the 4G mobile broadband network has opened up a new horizon of launching cutting-edge IoT technologies in the country. These enablers along with the emergence of various IoT services will obviously accelerate the overall growth.

As the new year arrives, we hope to see such continuous and spirited progress aiming to ensure the maximum possible benefit for the country. From IoT For Bangladesh, it will always remain a privilege for us to remain associated with this journey.


Azfar Adib,

Director of Content and Research

Editor's Letter

‘IoT for Bangladesh’ is proud to publish the second edition of the newsletter. After an overwhelming response from the first edition, we hope to meet your expectations in the second edition also. As the Director of Editing, I would like to express gratitude to the whole team who have worked relentlessly on making this a success. On behalf of the whole IoT for Bangladesh team, I would also like to convey appreciation to our well-wishers, contributors and guests who have found us worthy enough of sharing a soft corner of their gracious heart.

The theme of this edition is ‘IoT: Future of Bangladesh’. Living in the era of the 4th Industrial revolution, everything is changing very rapidly. Getting the maximum output with limited resources is the big challenge today. This edition aims to showcase the pioneers working hard to take Bangladesh forward in technological innovations, especially in the field of ‘Internet of Things’.

I hope you would enjoy reading all the contents. Let us come together and keep believing in the motto: “Advancing Bangladesh Through Smart Technologies!”. Please visit our website for more details and do not forget to drop in your comments there. Thank you.



Mohammad Mahinur Rahman

Director of Editing.


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