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The aim of this newsletter is to explore the capabilities and potential of ‘IoT’ technology in Bangladesh. Globally the number of connected devices in IoT platform is rising exponentially and its predicted that there will be more than 30 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. We would like to be an integral part on following up the highlights of this overwhelming ‘IoT’ journey in Bangladesh. The newsletter will report the past, current and future trend of IoT in Bangladesh focusing several areas. The newsletter would provide a platform where likeminded ‘IoT’ people can connect and grow together for a bright and exciting ‘IoT’ driven future for Bangladesh.

What's in this edition!

It is my pleasure to present you the third edition of IoT for Bangladesh Newsletter. After a successful launch of the two editions, this edition focuses on one of the most exciting use cases of IoT technology in modern day ‘Smart Homes’. Smart homes donate to a house having interconnected devices attached to home appliances to automate certain action. The primary objective is to automate or simplify everyday household activity with connected cloud based technology. Globally there has been a huge surge in household smart devices with a projected market value 53 billion US dollars by 2022.

Bangladesh although not in forefront of adopting smart IoT solutions in household activities, recently we have seen growing interest from all stakeholders in promoting ‘Smart Home’ solutions and services. Thanks to the deployment of 4G/ LTE mobile broadband services, that assisted wide deployment of IoT solutions. Consumers in both metropolitan and rural areas are looking to install smart devices in houses for security and safety enhancement. Moreover, countries largest Mobile network operator Grameen phone has launched M2M sim card to aid IoT devices with unique data and network coverage needs. Finally, local manufacturer and international players are providing IoT hardware, software, network and cloud services to develop and sustain an IoT ecosystem with lucrative business model. The near future of IoT based ‘Smart Home’ systems is tremendous for every stakeholders.

At this very moment this edition is timely to present important aspects of smart homes. It discusses what involves smart home solutions and gives insights from industry experts. We hope the reader will be hugely benefited from this edition to understand what ‘Smart Home’ offers to its consumers and how it will shape the future of ‘Smart Homes’ in Bangladesh.

IoT for Bangladesh: Accelerating The Journey Towards Excellence

The year 2019 has been so far a quite remarkable year for IoT for Bangladesh.  Starting its journey in early 2018, IoTforBD ended that year with the publication of its second edition along with an exhibition in the Data Center Technologies Summit .The start of 2019 was marked with two big milestones. IoTforBD participated in the BASIS SOFTEXPO 2019, the largest event in Bangladesh ICT sector. It was a fabulous experience to  showcase own portfolio , observe the grand scale of ICT endeavours and interact with ICT leaders- activists.

Another significant landmark, not only for IoTforBD but also for the related domain in Bangladesh took place on 26 March 2019- our independence day, when a Bangla book on IoT  written by IoTforBD got published. Being a pocket sized book at minimum price containing the basics of IoT, it aims to enhance IoT awareness among general people. The book was launched through a little ceremony in BdOSN premises, graced by the presence of Mr. Munir Hasan, BdOSN General Secretary and Co-ordinator of Prothom Alo Youth Program. The book received good response from enthusiastic readers, encouraging us to do further work regarding this.

To mark the 50 years of moon landing (20 July 1969- 20 July 2019); IoTforBD arranged a writing contest with the theme “Strengthening IoT Through Space Based Communication”. With the contest participants. IoTforBD arranged an online session on 19 July which was privileged with a distinguished speaker- Dr. Mohammed Atiquzzaman; Professor in the University of Oklahoma and winner of NASA Group Achievement Award for outstanding work , who is considered as the top Bangladesh researcher in space communication. It was a wonderful experience to have an interactive session with him, which was also joined by Mr. Mamur Hossain- another space enthusiast who attended key celebration of moon landing 50 years with moon walkers. Big thanks also goes to Ms. Tahanee Mujib, a pioneering Bangladeshi engineer in SpaceX who helped and encouraged in organizing this session.  The best article from the writing contest got published in IoT for Bangladesh website.

Apart from these special endeavours, IoT for BD continued its regular activity with regular online publication of related news, weekly IoT updates, etc along with interviews-survey for third edition. From organizational perspective; IoT for Bangladesh have been quite strengthened recently through implementation of a solid organizational structure; where all team members have been assigned defined roles under various categories like publications-marketing, events-engagement, website-photography-web design. IoT for BD is also planning to onboard some professionals soon in Business Secretary roles to drive certain endeavours.

Looking back at all these.  it’s time to express thanks and congratulations to all the team members of IoT for Bangladesh for their great voluntary contribution. With this spirit to do something good along with  encouragement from our well-wishers , we focus to accelerate our journey towards excellence . 


From the Editor

After two successful editions, I present you the third edition of 'IoT For Bangladesh', Bangladesh's only IoT Magazine. We always listen to your feedback and try to tailor everything to give you the things that you love. I would like to introduce the theme for this edition - ‘Smart-homes’. Here we have tried to focus on explaining what ‘Smart-homes’ are, the benefits and necessities of home automation. The world has gone a lot far in implementing the smart gateway to the future. How far do you think Bangladesh has advanced? Experts from the industry have shared their views on IoT, especially 'Smarthomes'. Various aspects, both the business perspective and the technical perspective are also discussed in this edition. 

As the editor, I would like to express gratitude to the whole team who have worked relentlessly on making this a success. On behalf of the whole IoT for Bangladesh team, I would also like to convey appreciation to our well-wishers, contributors and guests who have found us worthy enough of sharing a soft corner of their gracious heart. We hope you will enjoy all of this edition. Please visit our website for more details and do not forget to drop in your comments there. Thank you.


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